The 7 Best Mizuno Irons

Best Mizuno Irons reviewed

Mizuno is one of the most trusted club brands in golf. They are well-known for combining innovation with style and classic feel to produce the best Mizuno irons on the market. Their products are of high quality, and many players believe that once you try the Mizuno irons once, you’ll never choose any other over them.

Mizuno irons have excellent control, performance, and workability. They’re also designed to provide incredible forgiveness. Therefore, if you’re a professional player looking to control your trajectory, improve your performance, or take your game to the next level, you’ll love the Mizuno clubs.

We’ve compiled a detailed guide to help you choose the best set of irons for your game but first, let’s take a look at the best Mizuno iron sets.

The Best Mizuno Irons Top 7 List

Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Iron Sets

1. Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Multi-Material Construction Iron Sets

If you’re looking for some of the best Mizuno irons for beginners and mid handicappers, the MP-18 MMC iron set is one. We love this particular golf club because of its hollow body that makes it an excellent substitute for long irons. It is also one of the reasons why this is a forgiving golf club.

The overall design, especially the nickel chrome finish, is noteworthy. It is non-glare, making it simple to use even though the sun is shining brightly. The finish is also designed to be durable, so you won’t have to worry about it peeling after a few years of use.

Apart from glare, we like how it is visually free of distractions. The set of irons has a sophisticated appearance thanks to its smooth and elegant design.

Although not as lightweight as graphite, the golf clubs have steel shafts that offer an excellent option for players who prefer clubs with reasonable control.

It also has an impressive tungsten toe weight designed to provide a perimeter weighting around the club’s edges. The tungsten toe weight also affects the center of gravity, increases the sweet spot, and offers lesser chances of a mishit.


  • Simple, clean, and forgiving blade design
  • Elegant non-glare chrome finish
  • Very durable


  • Sacrifices distance for accuracy

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Irons

2. Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Irons

The Mizuno JPX921 Irons set is the perfect choice for golfers who need additional forgiveness. Although Mizuno did not specifically create a set of irons for this group of handicap golfers, the JPX921 has some excellent forgiveness and feel to offer.

The JPX921 hot metals use the same harmonic impact technology as the forged irons and tour versions to keep your shots sounding smooth and clean.

The seamless cup that distinguishes the hot metal irons is a thin face in the sweet spot and around the entire face. The thin face makes for the fastest possible ball speeds and the best possible jumps off the clubface.

The new Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Iron set comes with a pearl finish that reduces glare at the address, minimizing any distractions when addressing the ball. This is one of the best Mizuno irons in the market today.


  • High ball speeds
  • Increased consistency from off-center strikes
  • Forgiveness across the entire face


  • The forgiving face slightly reduces the feel

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro Irons

3. Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro Irons

The Mizuno JPX921 hot metal pro incorporates similar technologies as the Hot metal edition, albeit in a much more compact box with a lower offset. It gives you the feel and feedback you need to take your game to the next level while still helping you along the way.

The golf club is the longest in the Mizuno JPX series. With the re-engineered Cortech face and Chromoly 4140m, it has a thinner center point that increases your ball speeds. The Chromoly 4140m also ensures that you get these irons designed to your specifications.

The JPX921 Hot Metal Pro has a strong club head while still allowing for bending should you need the irons to be flatter or upright. It also has additional perimeter weighting that provides increased toe bias, further improving the accuracy of off-center strikes.

The three additional vibration detection sound ribs included in the JPX921 Hot Metal Pro allow it to produce a more substantial, cleaner sound effect at impact.


  • Easy to adjust for custom fittings
  • Good blend of forgiveness and feedback
  • Generates faster ball speed


  • Not available in left-handed

Mizuno JPX921 Tour Golf Iron Set

4. Mizuno JPX921 Tour Golf Iron Set

One interesting fact about this iron set is the high ratings it has across several Mizuno golf iron review platforms. Most players are delighted with its design.

The Mizuno JPX921 tour clubs comes with a pearl brush finish which is responsible for its durability. The pearl brush finish is also responsible for improving strength and reducing glare, thereby allowing you to concentrate.


  • Reduced glare
  • Streamlined and compact design
  • Improves the ball’s launch position


  • Slow ball speed

Mizuno JPX921 Forged Iron Set

5. Mizuno JPX921 Forged Iron Set

The JPX921 Forged iron is a Mizuno iron set worth considering if you’re searching for high-quality golf irons. It has a Pearl Brush Finish, much like the JPX19 Tour and Hot Metal. Asides from the durable pearl finish, it also comes with an inner chrome plating. The pearl finish gives the iron an elegant appearance while still protecting it against external damages.

The forged iron also has a stability frame, which is another notable feature. The iron’s heel section becomes open due to this, thereby significantly increasing the ball’s stability and launch. For people looking for a set of game improvement irons, this is worthy of consideration.

The stability frame also increases your shot accuracy. It also includes a reverse milled clubface and a CNC milling from the sole up that minimizes the face thickness and improves consistency and ball speed. Asides from this, the milling also lowers the center of gravity, adding explosiveness to your shorts even when you do not swing hard.

Finally, the irons feature a Grain Flow Forged HD feedback, making it one of the most best Mizuno MP irons around. Its single billet mild carbon steel construction also contributes to its uniqueness.


  • Produces an excellent performance
  • An excellent choice for game improvement
  • Good stability


  • Not suitable for beginners

Mizuno MP 20 HMB Iron Set

6. Mizuno MP 20 HMB Iron Set

The Mizuno MP 20 HMB is a high-performance hybrid iron set for people who don’t have any concerns about money. Only a few companies produce hybrid irons, but none has don’t a better job of nailing the appearance of the hybrid-like Mizuno.

The Mizuno MP 20 HMB is somewhat similar to the Mizuno blades, but it has a thicker and broader sole that allows golfers to get a much better launch. Golfers that use the HMB benefit from increased ball speed while maintaining the forgiving and high-performing features of a golf club. They are arguably one of the best Mizuno irons in the market.

Mixing the Mizuno MP 20 HMB with any Mizuno MB clubs for a perfect hybrid collection of irons is a great idea.


  • Brushed satin finish for reduced glare
  • Clean look
  • Great out of the rough


  • The full set is relatively expensive

Mizuno MP 20 MMC Irons

7. Mizuno MP 20 MMC Irons

For golfers searching for more retro-styled irons for improved playability, the Mizuno MP 20 MMC is the perfect golf club for your game. The irons feature a Grain Flow Forged HD design with mild carbon steel, nickel chrome, and copper.

The set of clubs were designed to provide an excellent base for creating higher launches for your game while maintaining the elite shotmaking that this package is renowned for among professional golfers.

The satin finish on the MP 20 MMC irons creates a clean look that blends well with the thinner topline. The titanium muscle weighting in the sole helps lower the center of gravity for a better launch angle at impact.  

The mild carbon steel body of the Mizuno iron package has an incredibly long-reaching distance on the course. The MP 20 MMC range could be preferable to either of the company’s Hot Metal Pro irons for low handicappers.

However, regardless of your skill level, the MP 20 MMC Irons provide outstanding performance for your game.


  • Multi-Material Construction that improves playability with higher launch
  • Excellent blend of feel and forgiveness
  • Offers reasonable distance and consistency


  • Long particularly long or forgiving

Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Mizuno Irons

Now that you have a better knowledge of the critical features of the best Mizuno irons, it’s time to dive into a list of essential considerations that will make your buying decision easier.

Skill Level

Most people think Mizuno irons are made for advanced players who want clubs that combine superb craftsmanship with excellent playability. However, in reality, even some Mizuno golf clubs that fall into the players iron class offer more forgiveness than similar products from other manufacturers.

Mizuno’s golf clubs are usually versatile and suit several swing types, and that’s why many golfers love them. Each club in their iron set offers an incredible feel regardless of whether you’re looking for a long iron or short irons in a collection.

Players irons are democratized by their huge sweet spots, making them a popular choice for the masses.

Having said this, there’s a downside worth noting. If you’re a complete novice, you’ll want to avoid Mizuno’s blade-style clubs. You’ll be much better off with a club with a generous offset, a wide sole, and a sweet spot large enough to keep your ball in play regardless of how you’re swinging.

Type of Iron

You’ll need some knowledge of the various types of iron available for the Mizuno iron set. To help you simplify your choice, you could group the different styles into two broader classes: Blade or Cavity back.

Blade Irons

Blade irons have a reputation for being small and tough to hit. It’s also known as a muscle back. It has undergone significant changes in recent years. Nonetheless, this is best reserved for professionals. Muscle backs are costly due to the intricate shaping and forging, but their weight is spread uniformly over their head.

Blade irons also have a slight sweet spot, which is one reason why beginners should avoid them.

Cavity Back Irons

We suggest getting an iron with a cavity back style for better hitting. It is called cavity back iron because it has a cavity at the back of the head, which means that it focuses most of its weight on the perimeter. It increases the moment of inertia, making it more forgiving.

Cavity back iron has a more prominent sweet spot and is cheaper, making it a better choice for beginners.

Cross Sets

Golfers can also choose from one of Mizuno’s cross sets. You select a players iron with easy-to-hit irons like the six-pitching wedge. You can then select game improvement clubs in place of challenging clubs like the long irons.

Golfers who struggle to win launch and bring on their shots will benefit from playing with one of these luxury Mizuno combo packs.

A Mizuno iron has incredible consistency, and when combined with the company’s well-made hybrids, a golfer can’t help but see their hitting improve.

When matching and mixing irons, it’s also a good idea to consult an expert and see what variations are suitable. If you pick two irons that are significantly different, your swing may suffer as a result.


The material that makes up the golf club’s shaft is equally important because it determines its flexibility and performance, among other things. Here are the best shaft materials to choose from:


Steel is better suited for people who are on a budget. Although it might be heavy, some people argue that the added weight improves their control of the Mizuno iron. Steel shafts also make your swing more stable and have more pronounced shot feedback.


Since this is a high-end material, the iron would be more costly. However, it does not imply that it is a better option than steel. If you want more flexibility, this is the right choice.

Graphite shafts are usually light-weighted, rendering them difficult to control. It might also not be as sturdy as steel, especially for players with slow swing speed.  


Aside from the shaft’s material, the length of the golf club is also significant. It affects your swing speed, overall performance and dictates how much leverage you will enjoy. Choosing the wrong length can have a detrimental effect on your shot.

If you are a beginner, you can use short irons because they are easier to hit. After all, the loft rises as the length decreases. Therefore, you’ll have more leverage over your swing and be able to guide the ball right where you want it.

Age of The Club

The age of the club is a vital feature to consider when searching for the best Mizuno selection for your game. Though Mizuno golf clubs are efficient and durable, some golfers choose the more recent models to benefit from the most recent innovations. However, the best Mizuno irons, including the older models, remain ahead of iron sets from other manufacturers.

Sets like the JPX919 and MP 20 provide luxury functionality with a big sweet spot that offers impressive response shot after shot for low handicappers.


Golfers should never forget to consider the configuration of the iron when purchasing new set of iron. Configuration refers to the types of irons you want in your bag.

A smaller iron set with some of the best Mizuno iron choices is available at affordable prices and adds more customization to the collection.

With the company’s blade and cavity back options, golfers with different skillsets have something that suits them.  


To summarize, the best Mizuno iron sets are difficult to beat! The manufacturers have created a reputation for themselves, which is enough reason to choose their products over others. Whether you’re a professional or a novice, they have irons to fit everyone’s desires and skills.

One great feature that distinguishes the best Mizuno irons from others is that they are forgiving. It is an unrivaled option whether you are a beginner or a professional searching for a game improvement iron. They also have exceptional precision and consistency. However, the overall output will depend on the model you choose.

We recommend that you take your time to figure out the set that fits your playing style and skill level.