Ping G20 Driver Review

Ping G20 Driver Review

Ping has just released the new G20, a lightweight club with a confidence-inducing head featuring a large variable, thickness face. With great sound and feel, the Ping G20 driver helps you go the distance from tee-off to fairway.

What Ping has done with this driver is create a club that takes an average golfer, and turns them into a seasoned professional. In our Ping G20 review, we are going to be discussing some of the key areas of this amazing driver, showing you why it is a must-have in your golf collection.

How did we test the Ping G20 driver?

To test the club for this Ping G20 driver review, we used a simulator to record data from different golfers. The data we collected serves as the fundamentals to create this review, helping us create a balanced and honest review of this new driver.

All our testers are decent golfers with consistent games, allowing for a more precise level of feedback regarding ball speeds, performance, forgiveness, sound, and much more.

Ping G20 Driver Face

Ping G20 driver review


Ping has an amazing history of providing game improvement clubs, and with new releases, club development is improving all of the time. Ping is renowned not for their paint jobs or adjustability, but for providing golf equipment that turns an average player into a great one.

Ping says that the G20 features a forgiving driver that provides powerful shots across the whole hitting surface. They also say that the external weight helps to promote low spin and high launch.

Made with a 460cc titanium head constructed with 8-1-1 titanium, the Ping G20 is lighter and stronger than ever before. The low density and added weight has been strategically added for higher MOI horizontally and vertically across the head.

External weight has been added to the G20, giving a lower spin from drives, better distance, better accuracy, and lighter launch. It has an aerodynamic design that gives more distance and promotes clubhead speed while also reducing any drag. The high strength-to-weight ratio will help you drive the ball with much more confidence.

Ping G20 Driver Side

Key Features

High Launch

The angle of the clubface projects balls with a lot of height. This is sometimes deceiving to players thinking they are losing distance, but this is not the case due to the feature we are going to discuss next.

Low Spin

The low spin is the reason that balls travel so far when using the G20. This lower spin makes this club extremely good in windy conditions, providing more versatility on the course.

Ping ID8 Grip

The ID8 grips are used as the standard grip on a lot of Ping clubs. They are soft and comfortable, made from rubber using a dog bone texture that helps to create more control from your shots.

Large Club Face

Ping has a tradition of creating a club head with a large clubface, which has not been forgotten in the G20. The larger clubface gives you more area to hit a ball, giving your swing faster ball control and distance.

Ping G20 Driver Shaft

Flexible Shaft

With the TFC 169D shaft, a high balance point has been created on the G20. This shaft helps to give a swing with more mass without sacrificing any speed.


When it comes to performance, the G20 will provide an amateur many benefits. It is easy to hit with a large face, and your swings will be high and straight. The height of the launch may deceive you into thinking you have lost distance, but you will soon see that this is not affected.

Although some golfers such as Bubba Watson can achieve lots of curves with this club, you will probably find that your shots are a lot straighter, but this is not a bad thing. With a great center of gravity and spin rate, this driver has great performance and would be a welcome addition to any club set.


When it comes to distance, this driver is effective in a discrete way. So much, so our testers didn’t even notice how far they hit the ball. From the feel of these ping drivers, most of our testers would have probably said their drives were average at best, but after the launch monitor readings were checked, a different story had been told.

It turns out that the G20 provided some of the longest drivers in the entire season. Swing speed doesn’t even need to be anything more drastic than usual, and the clubhead permits amazing ball flight. There’s no other driver that matches the kind of distances the G20 offers, with our testers seeing some of their best results.


If you’re looking for a driver that is both great when it comes to distance and pinpoint accuracy, then the G20 may not be the club for you. A lot of it comes down to the sheer size of the stiff shaft and the launch angle that you receive.

On average, our testers hit balls around 16 yards from the centerline. This is not a complete game improvement club but is slightly better than most other drivers. This targeting doesn’t make this Ping driver a burden on the course, but it doesn’t give you the kind of results offered by drivers such as the Ping K15.

Ping G20 Driver Grip


The numbers that the Ping G20 produces make it one of the most reliable drivers on the market. Based on the individual performances, you’ll be truly hard-pressed to find better consistency from any other driver.


With changeable shafts and custom fits available, the G20 is a very comfortable driver. Choose from a TFC 169d shaft or a TFC 169d tour shaft providing that extra level of comfort in your swing.

Ping G20 Driver Top



  • High launch and low spin
  • Great looking head
  • Confidence inducing head size
  • Reasonable market price


  • No adjust-ability offered
  • Not a highly workable club
  • Not essential for the average golfer

Who should buy the Ping G20 Driver?

The Ping driver gives extra distance and straighter shots to all players. This makes it a game improvement club that is the perfect step in taking average golf players to the next step on their golfing handicap.

Ping G20 Driver


Overall the Ping G20 driver is a solid modern club with a lot of appeal to a range of different players. If you’re looking for a driver with forgiveness, distance, and a high launch, this club is a great choice. You’ll have a difficult time finding a better club once you have the right loft and shaft for the price.