The 6 Best Golf Drivers for Women

Best Golf Drivers for Women: 6 clubs reviewed

Most golf players prefer drivers as their chosen club, especially women. It’s no wonder why, since golf drivers are easily the most rewarding to hit.

You can’t help but bask in pride when you see your ball shooting off, boosting a considerate distance off the tee. You can’t achieve that with any other club but a driver.

Still, golf drivers are difficult to get the hang of, and what’s even more difficult is choosing them.

There are a lot of features to consider, and there are thousands of market options to choose from, making your mission harder.

Luckily for you, I’ve been searching for the best golf drivers for women much longer than you’ve been. A couple of months into the research, I managed to land the best six options on the market.

Stick around for each one’s review and for a buying guide to help make matters easy for you!

The 6 Best Golf Drivers for Women on the Market

Your golf driver should be lightweight enough for ease of maneuvering, but it needs to carry enough weight to send your ball shooting to the target. It should also be durable and affordable.

With these considerations in mind, I rounded up the six best women’s drivers on the market.

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

1. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

If you don’t mind putting in some cash to get a reliable golf driver for women, I’d recommend the Callaway Epic Flash in a heartbeat. Like most Callaway golf drivers, it’s fully equipped with the Jailbreak Technology, accounting for fast ball speeds.

The Jailbreak technology is embodied in the two hourglass titanium rods. They’re lighter than average by 25%, providing ease of maneuvering. Paired with Callaway’s exclusive X-Face VFT, they result in a stiff crown that provides considerate impact capacity, allowing the balls to go at high speeds.

Jailbreak isn’t the only technology the Epic Flash features. It also employs Callaway’s Flash Face technology that maintains the ball’s speed for more distance. The technology was developed by Artificial Intelligence, making Callaway the first company to use A.I. in the golf industry.

The Epic Flash comes with adjustable perimeter weighting, giving players the power to promote their fades and draws.

Moreover, the shaft is made of graphite, which is known for its high strength and impact resistance.


  • Longer ball flight thanks to the Flash Face technology
  • Adjustable hosel for better shots
  • Durable, powerful graphite shaft


  • On the expensive side of the market

Senior Women's Majek High Launch Golf K Series Driver

2. Senior Women’s Majek High Launch Golf K Series Driver

If you’re aiming at a high launch, and you don’t mind paying some extra cash, you’ll love the Majek High Launch driver. It has an ultra-thin clubface that gives a trampoline-like effect upon impact. Plus, it provides excellent ball flight despite its lightweight.

The manufacturers engineered the Majek driver to provide maximum ball flight while creating a lightweight shaft that’ll be easy for senior women to carry.

The shaft is made of graphite, which is one of the most powerful materials on the market. It doesn’t carry a lot of weight, but it’s pretty solid and impact-resistant. It’ll take a lot of abuse before showing the least signs of wear and tear.

The sleek black finish will also turn a few heads when you take your driver for a match!

The Majek driver has a lower than average center of gravity, accounting for higher launches and less spin. It gives excellent distance coverage and maximum smash factor, although it has a thin clubface.


  • Low center of gravity for less spin
  • Thin clubface for maximum smash factor
  • Highly durable shaft


  • Users thought the distance coverage could be improved.

Cobra Golf Women's 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

3. Cobra Golf Women’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

If your swings don’t go faster than 105 miles per hour, and you want a lightweight driver that provides stability and a good feel, the Cobra F Max driver is worth a thought.

The driver is an ideal choice for senior women; it’s highly forgiving, and it’s consistent, stable, and good-looking.

The manufacturers used E9 Face technology to develop the F Max driver, creating a sweet spot that’s 30% larger than most competitor drivers. As a result, the ball gets shot fast and off to a large distance.

Not only that, but the Cobra driver also has more than 5000 Moment of Inertia, offering high forgiveness when you go for off-center strikes.

The Cobra’s head is oversized, yet it’s lighter than most similarly designed drivers. The internal weight pad keeps the clubhead stable as you strike, resulting in better consistency for straight strikes.

Living up to its name, the F Max Superlite weighs only one pound. It’s easy to transport, use, and maneuver. Not to mention, the lightweight helps you make more accurate shots with the least effort.

The rubber grip is highly comfortable to hold for long golf sessions, and there’s a midsize grip available for people with large hand sizes.


  • It maintains a perfect balance as you swing
  • Lightweight and easy to use and transport
  • It requires minimal effort to shoot the ball off to far distances


  • On the expensive side of the market

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver

4. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver

If the previous golf drivers are too expensive for your budget, it’s time to take a look at the Pinemeadow PGX offset driver.

Offset drivers are a bit different than regular ones; their clubfaces are set back from the neck, while regular ones have clubheads that align directly with the shaft.

Offset drivers are meant to limit sidespin, and they help you square your ball when striking. As a result, your ball will travel in a straight flight for a longer time.

Besides the offset design, the Penemeadow has a high loft, improving the straight strikes significantly. If you’re new to the game, the driver will help you get the hang of striking.

The Pinemeadow’s sweet spot is larger than average because of the oversized clubhead. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners because they tend to do a lot of off-center strikes.

The driver is made of Ti-alloy, which is decent enough to stay durable for a couple of years. It’s not as strong as graphite, but I can’t really complain with the highly affordable price.


  • Highly affordable price compared to competitors
  • A large sweet spot for easier strikes
  • High loft for straighter flights


  • Users complained it doesn’t provide a good feel when they strike.

Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Driver

5. Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Driver

Do you tend to do sliced shots a lot? If that’s so, you won’t find a better driver than the Callaway Rogue, 2018 edition. It comes fully equipped with Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology, along with the X-Face VFT. It also has a high Moment of Inertia.

All the driver’s specs and features say you’re getting a reliable driver that’ll result in an enjoyable golfing experience.

The Jailbreak Technology is featured in the hourglass-shaped titanium rods that are lighter than average by 25%. The titanium construction is more durable than any other material used in competitor drivers. It won’t show signs of wear and tear or scratch as long as you’re using it.

The sole and the crown are stiff, improving impact capacity and resulting in a huge increase in the ball’s speed and distance.

With the least effort, you’ll be able to send your ball shooting into a far distance.

The Rogue’s shaft is made of a triaxial carbon composite that’s ultra-lightweight yet exceptionally powerful. You’ll feel as if you’re lifting nothing, but the power will reflect in your strike.


  • Lightweight and powerful carbon composite material
  • It provides far distance strikes with minimal effort
  • High shot accuracy


  • It’s not forgiving with slice problems.

AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum 460cc Driver

6. AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum 460cc Driver

The AGXGOLF is another solid golf driver for women on a budget. It costs much less than the high-end options on my list, but it’s still good enough to be put into comparison. Its oversized head is ideal for beginners because it provides a large sweet spot and forgiveness for slices.

The driver is available in three sizes to fit all users of different heights. The sizes are petite, regular, and tall.

The shaft sports a glossy navy finish that looks sleek and trendy, despite the low price. On top of that, the center of gravity is low to provide more Moment of Inertia. The higher the M.O.I is, the further distance you’ll be able to get for your tee shots.

The shaft is made of graphite, which is one of the most powerful and flexible materials available. It’s also one of the best choices for beginners because it’s lightweight, but it provides considerate power at the least effort.

Unlike most affordable options, you can keep using the AGXGOLF for a long time—up to a couple of years. That’s thanks to the graphite shaft and the durable head. The driver actually offers excellent value for money, making it one of the best golf drivers for women.


  • Three sizes available to fit all users
  • Ideal for beginners because it provides straight and long shots
  • Eye-catching glossy finish
  • Excellent value for money


  • Some users complained that the weighting is a bit poor.

Female golfer driving the ball

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying the Best Drivers for Women

Although golf drivers are pretty simple when it comes to their design, there are a lot of features to consider when buying them. Most features aren’t physical. Instead, they have to do with the distance, ball speed, etc.

If you want to land the best golf driver for your next tournament, take a look at this buying guide here.

Shaft Length

Ending up with a driver that’s too short or tall for you isn’t ideal, especially if you’re getting an expensive one and paying a fortune for it.

The length should depend on how tall you are. For women, the average driver length is 44 inches. If that’s too long for you, opt for a driver that’s shorter than average. Some drivers also offer various sizes, making matters easier for you when choosing.


If you’re not familiar with the term loft, it’s the angle the driver creates between its clubface and the ground when it strikes. How the clubface is shaped determines the loft, and almost all drivers come with different lofts.

Many golfers don’t give the loft much thought when buying their clubs, but it’s essential if you want to be in control of your game. It has a direct impact on the distance your ball will travel.

As a rule of thumb, the lower your loft, the further your ball will go.

Female golfer driving ball.


The launch of your driver depends on a lot of other features, and you’ll need to give them all a thought if you want to get the best golf driver you can lay your hands on.

The launch is the initial angle of the golf ball’s ascending motion right after impact. It’s measured in degrees relative to the ground or the surface you’re playing on.

The features that directly impact the launch include the attack angle, the swing speed, and the clubface design. Yet, the most deciding factor is the loft value.

People with slow swing speed should aim at high launch drivers. They’ll put more impact on the ball, sending it shooting to a far distance, even if the swing speed is slow.

The high launch is often associated with a low center of gravity and offset designs.

Adjustable Clubhead

All thanks to the modern era, most golf drivers now come with adjustable clubheads. If you don’t like how your ball strikes, you can simply use the tools you receive with the driver to adjust its clubhead to your preference.

This way, you have full control over most aspects of your game, including loft, draw bias, and weighting.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot of your driver accounts for how enjoyable your golfing experience will be. If it’s large enough, you can get away with an off-center strike without feeling it in the shot.

Choosing a driver with a large sweet spot is also more important for beginners because they tend to have problems striking the ball at first.

Large sweet spots are closely associated with forgiving clubs. Regardless of how you swing the ball, the club will still make a pretty good shot.


For golf players, forgiveness is a term that refers to how the driver is designed to lessen the impact of bad swings on the ball. A golf driver that has enough design elements to do that is said to be forgiving.

The reason for choosing the name is because the driver supposedly ‘forgives’ the golfer for his bad swing.

If you want your driver to be as forgiving as they come, you can choose one with the Jailbreak Technology.

Male golfer

How Are Men’s Drivers Different From Women’s Drivers?

If golf drivers are all the same, why can’t you steal your brother’s or partner’s golf driver for the next tournament? In the end, it’s a golf driver, and it’ll shoot a golf ball just fine.

Well, women’s drivers are a bit different from ones designed for men, and here are all the varying factors.


The most significant difference between men’s and women’s drivers is the size. Women’s drivers are designed with shorter shafts, by around 2–3 inches from the ones designed for men.

While this is considerate, considering the standard height of women falls a couple of inches shorter than men’s, that makes it hard for tall women to find suitable drivers.

If you’re on the tall side of the scale, you may find your best option among men’s options. It’ll be a bit heavier, but at least you won’t have to bend and adjust your stance to get to the club’s level.

Shaft Flex

Manufacturers increase the shaft flex in women’s drivers because it makes the driver more powerful without adding any weight that’d make it heavy for female golfers. This way, they make lightweight drivers that need minimal effort to make powerful strikes.

That’s why you’ll find most women’s drivers made of graphite. Although graphite is known for its high strength, it’s less rigid than titanium, aluminum, and similar materials. It provides just the level of elasticity that women need.


Women’s drivers have narrower shafts because they have smaller hands than men. So, even if both drivers have the same length and measurements, the shaft will be a bit thinner. If you have large hands, you can go for a men’s shaft all you want.


When the golf driver is too heavy for the female golfer, she won’t be able to swing it quick enough to generate a considerable amount of power. That’s why women’s drivers are mostly smaller with lighter clubheads.

The difference in weight is due to the difference in strength between men and women.


Women’s drivers have higher lofts than their male counterparts. While men will have drivers with lofts ranging from 9 to 11 degrees, women will have theirs ranging from 12 to 16 degrees.

That’s because men typically hit their balls with more power than women do, so they don’t need the high loft.

Women need the ball shot’s trajectory to be high enough to prevent the ball from reaching the ground before it covers the target distance.

Female golfer hitting a drive

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Drivers for Women

If you’re still confused about anything related to golf drivers for women, these answers to frequently asked questions may help you.

You’re not the only one with questions around here; what’s important is knowing where to find answers!

What degree driver should a woman use?

Women should typically use drivers ranging from 12 to 16 loft degrees. That way, their drivers will send their balls to cover a decent distance, even if the swing speed is slow to start with.

If you’re a slow swinger, and you know it, you may opt for a driver with more than 16 degrees.

Is a low center of gravity better?

Yes, a low center of gravity is better for many reasons. For starters, it results in higher launches, and it reduces spin significantly. If you’re not an experienced female golfer, you’ll appreciate a driver with a low center of gravity.

A low center of gravity also increases the Moment of Inertia. As it increases, your ball will cover more distances, regardless of your swing speed.

What is the best driver for a senior woman?

On my list, the best driver for a senior woman is undoubtedly Senior Women’s Majek High Launch. It’s ideal for users who want a high launch, and its thin clubface has an impressive effect against impact. Its lightweight also makes it a top option for seniors.

If you don’t mind paying more cash, you can take a look at the Cobra Golf F Max Superlite Offset Driver. It’s lightweight, and it’s best known for its good feel and stability. It’s also highly forgiving, in case you’re a beginner.

What is the best driver for an average golfer?

I’d say the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver is a pretty solid option for the average female golfer. It doesn’t cost you much, so even if you don’t like it, you can replace it after a few months. Unlike the other high-end options you’ll pay a fortune for.

On top of that, the driver has an offset design that’s convenient for limiting sidespin and covering more distance. It has all the basic features that average golfers need—not advanced, but not mediocre either.

The Final Verdict: What Is the Best Ladies Driver in Golf?

In my opinion, the top pick of the best golf drivers for women is the Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver. It comes equipped with both Jailbreak Technology and Flash Face Technology.

As a result, it provides high speeds, full coverage of large distances, and decent forgiveness for slices. What more could you ask for?

The driver is also lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and lift without exerting much effort. It costs a lot; I’ll give you that. However, it’s hard to match its advanced features and specs. Let’s not forget that it’s one of the first women’s drivers to utilize Artificial Intelligence, particularly for the Flash Face technology.