The 10 Best Driver Shafts

Best Driver Shafts

Many golfers buy their “dream set” of golf clubs before they ever play their first game. While this may seem like a good idea at first, it often turns out to be a waste of money. Like any sport, you will have your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to playing golf. And you need to take this into account in order to find the best driver shafts for you, even if you are an amateur golfer.

The right shaft can help you make par every time.

The different types of driver shafts

You must take care to choose a shaft type that enhances your performance over one that hinders your game, as not all types of golf club shafts are suitable for all players.

In order to make sure you choose a driver shaft that is right for you, you must understand what the different types of driver shafts are and how they can influence your game…

Graphite Driver Shaft

Graphite shaft

This is the most common type of driver shaft among beginner golfers, but graphite shafts are a good choice for golfers of any skill level.

This is because this type of shaft is lightweight, weighing in at only 50 to 85 grams on average. This is half the weight of a steel shaft, allowing beginners to hone their skills without being weighed down and amateurs to increase their swing speed and distance with a reduced risk of injury.

Granite shafts are often regarded as the best driver shafts for this reason, as the purpose of a driver shaft is to generate longer drives and help the golfer consistently produce quality ball flight.

Yet, due to the lighter weight of the shaft and the flex generated by the swing of a graphite shaft, you sacrifice the control you would get from a heavier shaft.

The composition of graphite shafts also makes them more expensive than other driver shaft types, even though they are significantly less durable.

Nonetheless, a graphite shaft is the ideal golf club shaft for hobbyists, seniors, and women golfers who may have difficulty producing a fast enough swing speed to be able to use a club with a steel shaft effectively.

Graphite shaft clubs are often available in a variety of flex types and colors, making them the perfect gift for beginners and professionals alike.

Steel Driver Shaft

Steel shaft

This type of shaft is popular with experienced golfers that prioritize accuracy over distance.

Golf clubs with this type of shaft do not have the lateral twisting or ‘torque’ ability of graphite shafts.

This, when combined with the increased weight of this type of shaft, allows golfers to play their game with precision as a faster swing speed is needed for the golf ball to reach the same distance as it would when hit with a golf club with a graphite shaft.

Golfers with a normal swing speed would benefit from playing with this type of golf club as it would give them more control over golf ball flight during games and allow them to focus on improving their performance.

The steel used in this type of shaft is either stainless steel or, more commonly, carbon fiber steel. Both types of golf shafts are more affordable than the other types of shafts on this list while also being firmer and more durable.

If you are looking for a shaft to invest in. Choose a golf club with this type of shaft.

Multi-material shaft

This type of driver shaft is popular with golfers that understand the importance of choosing a club with a shaft that can help them improve their performance during games.

This type of shaft combines the lighter weight of steel clubs and the firmness of graphite shaft clubs into one to create a shaft that can adapt to all playing types.

This type of driver shaft is usually comprised of a steel shaft with a graphite tip. The shaft allows the player to control the ball flight as they would with a club with a steel shaft. The graphite tip helps the golf ball go the desired distance without producing any unwanted vibrations.

However, you must keep in mind that since this type of golf shaft is new compared to the other shaft types on this list, there aren’t a lot of variations currently on the market.

The importance of choosing the right driver shaft

While amateur golfers obsess over choosing the correct clubhead for their swing, professionals understand that it is the shaft that is the most important part of the club.

The purpose of the driver shaft is to reduce the likelihood of your clubhead digging into the turf as you swing. Without the correct shaft, any swing you produce will be of poor quality. When you use a shaft that’s right for your swing speed, you’re allowing the driver to reach its maximum potential.

This means choosing the correct driver shaft for your game is as important, if not more important, than selecting the right clubhead.

Top 10 Driver Shafts

It can be difficult to determine what the best driver shafts are given that things like kick point, swing speeds, and weight can all affect a person’s game.

But we have done our research and curated this list of the best driver shafts currently on the market today.

Project X New HZRDUS Driver Shaft

1. Project X New HZRDUS Driver – Best Overall

This is one of the best driver shafts you can buy.

Project X New HZRDUS Driver is the next generation of golf drivers. It is the newest HZRDUS driver on the market, featuring the golfing technology that has helped the brand maintain its reputation as the number one designer of golf drivers in the industry. The Project X HZRDUS Smoke driver shaft is designed with an improved feel to increase playability for a better game.

Key features:

  • A low spin extra stiff profile for a low launch.
  • A gorgeous shaft that gives users unbeatable swing control without fear of losing distance for hard swingers.
  • A torque that is higher than the other clubs featured on this list, giving it a better feel.

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft

2. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft – Runner-up

The Project X New HZRDUS Driver only narrowly beat the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft for first place. This driver shaft is ideal for amateur players with slower swing speeds and seasoned pros that want to upgrade their current shaft.

Key features:

  • The thin light Fujikura Vista Pro 60 driver shaft features patented CAGE technology designed to improve stability during the swing to maximize clubhead speed.
  • A supreme fiber content that allows for greater staff stiffness, durability, and strength.
  • It is fully customizable. Allowing users to alter the shaft length and weight, as well as launch and spin angles.

3. Mitsubishi Tensei Graphite Driver Shaft

The Mitsubishi Tensei Graphite Driver Shaft is the ideal choice for golfers that value quality. The graphite design means you can reach a premium distance without the premium price tag.

Key features:

  • Enhanced stability thanks to the classic carbon fiber/DuPont (CK) weave found in all Tensei shafts.
  • You can adjust the adapter settings of the Tour Velvet 360 grip without worrying about the logo moving around.
  • It is ready to be installed into your driver’s clubhead straight from the box so you can play on the same day.

MATRIX New Radix-S Flex Driver Shaft

4. MATRIX New Radix-S Flex Driver Shaft

Matrix driver shafts are for the elite. The engineers at Matrix have prioritized performance advancement and quality control for decades. This golf driver is a prime example of this passion for innovation.

Key features:

  • The most advanced internal structure in its class.
  • An experimental variable tip-to-butt ratio to improve drive.
  • The ability to adjust by flex to support the needs of harder swingers. As flex stiffens, ball flight lowers, giving the user more control over their game.

Aldila NXT Gen NV Driver Shaft

5. Aldila NXT Gen NV Driver Shaft

This golf driver delivers unparalleled swing stability for players of all swing speeds.

Key features:

  • All-new NXT GEN Micro Laminate Technology (MLT) in the tip section to produce a low launch with low spin.
  • Ultra-thin aerospace carbon fibers that work to give users their most consistent game yet.
  • A responsive design that improves playability the more you use the golf driver.

Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft

6. Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft

The True Temper Shaft is a dependable steel driver shaft that promotes low flight for a steady and controlled finish to your games.

Key features:

  • Variable Wall Technology that promotes an exceptional feel and consistent response.
  • Strong shaft flex for better compression at impact.
  • Customizable from the box to account for the player’s personal style.

Accra New Tour Z 85 Driver Shaft

7. Accra New Tour Z 85 Driver Shaft

The Accra New Tour Z 85 Driver Shaft is one of the best-kept secrets of the golfing industry. It is a low spin shaft, but it’s suitable for a vast array of drivers since it comes with an adapter that makes it an easy plug-and-play shaft.

Key features:

  • The shaft is lightweight, providing users with an outstanding swing speed.
  • Helps users achieve a dependable shot shape and consistent ball flight on each swing by promoting a low spin.
  • Aesthetically superb with a sleek black and silver finish.

UST ProForce V2 HL Driver Shaft

8. UST ProForce V2 HL Driver Shaft

The UST Proforce V2 HL golf driver shaft is the ideal golf shaft for amateur golfers that want a well-made shaft without a hefty price tag. It is a must-have for those that prioritize adding launch and distance to their game.

Key features:

  • A high launch shaft that gives players of various swing speeds a better backspin, which allows for a longer carry and improved distance.
  • A uniform shaft shape with a stable feel.
  • Superb flex shaft, which helps users get the ball off the clubface at the best angle.

Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 5 Shaft

9. Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 5 Shaft

This Tour AD driver shaft is designed to maximize driver head performance to make sure that each user has an exceptional experience using their product.  

Key features:

  • Manufactured using high-quality carbon fiber that is proven to improve stability throughout the shaft the more you use it.
  • Exceptional accuracy delivered by stable spin amounts.
  • Available in a variety of weight and flex options.

Mitsubishi Diamana DF-Series 70 Driver Graphite Shaft

10. Mitsubishi Diamana DF-Series 70 Driver Graphite Shaft

Although this is the last driver shaft on our list, that doesn’t mean the Mitsubishi Diamana DF-Series 70 Driver Graphite Shaft isn’t an exceptional driver shaft.

Key features:

  • Available in a variety of shaft flex and weight options, it is ideal for players that value workability.
  • Mid kick point supports mid-launch and mid-spin numbers, maximizing distance opportunities for players that struggle to get the golf ball into the air with their drives. 

Buyer’s guide

The golf club you buy has an impact on your game, so most players treat the buying process with great attention to detail.

Because of this, most manufacturers highlight the specifications of the pieces they sell in order to ensure that their products are clearly distinguishable from the competition.

However, this means there is usually a lot of jargon included in product descriptions like flex, kick point, torque, and feel. If you don’t know what these words mean in relation to your game, then this can make finding the right piece for you difficult.

We have put together this buyer’s guide to help you choose the right club for you.


Golf clubs can be manufactured using a vast array of materials. This includes plastics, ceramics, metals, composites, and even wood in some cases.

Manufacturers use the mechanical properties of these materials, like their average strength, maximum elasticity, true formability, impact resistance, and density, to determine what materials are appropriate for use on a certain part of the club and what materials would not be suitable.

The goal of these experiments is to create a club that is capable of delivering a consistent swing speed so that players can improve their game over time.

Heads for drivers are usually made using stainless steel or graphite fiber-reinforced epoxy. Most face inserts are fabricated from zirconia ceramic or a titanium metal matrix ceramic composite so that players can achieve a good distance when using their drivers.

Wood club heads are less common among professional golfers, but they are very popular with seniors. These heads are soaked in preserving oil to give them protection against moisture, which is crucial in the rainy season.

Driver shafts are usually made from chrome-plated steel, stainless steel, or graphite fiber-reinforced epoxy.

Grips are normally made from wrapped leather or specially molded artificial rubber.

Always check what material your club is made from before you make your purchase.

Different Types of Golf Clubs

Price point

Since golf is a new, exciting sport for beginners, they may get overexcited; and, as a result, end up spending way more than they should on golf equipment.

To prevent this, you need to know what the average price of golf clubs is and what clubs you really need.

A standard set contains:

  • One putter
  • One driver
  • One hybrid
  • Two wedges
  • Two fairway woods
  • Seven irons

If you’re new to the sport, you do not need to purchase all 14 clubs before you play your first game.

All a beginner needs is an inexpensive driver, a putter, an iron set, a set of balls, and a golf bag to keep their clubs in.

Both single clubs should cost under $60, and you can get a quality iron set for around $100 to $200. Golf balls are notoriously cheap. You can buy a dozen for as little as $8 from most stores. A basic golf bag will set you back around $100.

This means that you can get everything you need to begin your golf journey for under $500!

And if you can buy these golf essentials when they are on sale, you may only spend $200 to $400.


‘Shaft flex’ expresses how much power is required for the shaft to transfer energy to the ball during your swing.

Shaft flex varies by shaft type, so it is important that you know how stiff your ideal shaft is before you buy anything.

There are several flex types that driver shafts can have:

  • Extra Stiff Shafts (XS): These shafts have the lowest amount of bend. This flex is the stiffness of choice for most tour players as many have a powerful swing and prefer the control that a stiff shaft can give them.
  • Stiff Shafts (S): These shafts have more bend than Extra Stiff Shafts, but the club still stays relatively straight during the swing.
  • Regular Stiffness (R): This allows the shaft to bend slightly more than the previous two. This flex type is used by most players of average skill.
  • Senior Stiffness (A): This flex type lets the shaft flex and “whip” at impact. This type of shaft flex is usually reserved for novices that cannot swing hard and seniors who have lost their original swing speed.
  • Ladies Stiffness (L): Generally, this has the most flex making them perfect for those that struggle to hit hard and have their ball go the distance.

Choosing the wrong shaft flex can lead to inaccurate shots. So test clubs first.

Still, although the flexibility of your driver shaft is important, you also need to take into account how this affects the kick point.

The kick point of a golf driver shaft is the part of the shaft where shaft flex happens.

A club with a low kick point will produce a high golf shaft. A club with a high kick point will produce a low golf shaft. So keep this in mind when you are shopping.


The purpose of shaft length is to give you control over your shot.

The shaft length of a driver is usually 45 inches. This length gives you an optimal combination of distance and control.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t go shorter. Just keep in mind that when the shaft is short, the distance you can achieve is diminished.


The feel of a shaft is vital as it creates a golf swing rhythm. A club with a poor feel will produce poor shots, while one that fits comfortably in hand will produce a quality shot.


What is the best driver shaft on the market?

The Project X New HZRDUS Driver is the best driver shaft on the market. It is ideal for energetic swingers and novices alike. Its material placement gives the shaft an improved feel upgrading your swinging experience without making your club feel off-balanced.

What are the best driver shafts for golfers with a slow swing speed?

The best driver shafts for those with slower swing speeds are graphite shafts, as they allow golfers to maximize the distance the golf ball travels with each hit without having to increase the speed of their swing and put extra pressure on their body.

Are driver shafts compatible with any driver?

Most driver shafts can be used with any driver.

There are some cases where the driver shaft cannot be used with a driver because it is an unconventional shape. But this is rare. Just make sure you check the product description of the driver shaft you are looking at before you make your purchase.