The 10 Best Clone Golf Clubs

Best Clone Golf Clubs

Every golf player in the world has asked themselves the question of which clubs are the best. The answer is not always as straightforward as you would think.

Big-name brand companies are usually the first thing that golf players will suggest when asked about what clubs to buy. They might say that the iron set, graphite shafts, steel, swing speed, or design is better in a big-name brand club but this is not always the case as technology improves, the manufacturing costs diminish, and overall expertise increases.

Not all players of the game can afford to fork out big money on brand-name clubs and are often looking for a balance of quality vs price. This gives rise to many opportunities for clone clubs to be made, boasting stand-out performance comparable to big-name brand clubs.

Clone companies such as Pinemeadow, Callaway, Diamond tour, Lazrus, and Majek are at the forefront of clone golf clubs.

They offer the best comparison to big-name brands by manufacturing clone clubs with desirable features that golf players are looking for such as sound, weight, easy to hit, forgiveness, low center of gravity, fastball speed, good launch, a big sweet spot, and more.

When it boils down to selecting your perfect set of clone golf clubs or just your next iron, or driver it’s a good idea to have a gander at big-name golf club manufacturers and what they have to offer. Find a club or set that suits your golfing needs with our clone golf club selection below!

Clone Golf Club

What is a clone golf club?

These types are golf clubs are made to mirror the desired features, performance, design, and aesthetic of their name-brand counterparts. Clone companies replicate the feel of big brands’ clubs to the best of their ability and aim to deliver quality equipment to golfers at an affordable price.

This goes without saying that some clone companies do not deliver on their promise of using quality materials in the production of their brand’s golf clubs. That’s why it’s important to select a reputable clone golf club manufacturer when buying clubs or complete sets.

These clone club manufacturers can keep their offer at a low price point by using materials of a lesser quality that still provides a fantastic experience in performance, usability, and durability.

Another reason why the prices are low is due to the minimal marketing efforts of these manufacturers. This aids in keeping their brands’ overheads low.

King Iron Clone Golf Club

The advantages of using clone golf clubs

There are a number of benefits that might surprise you and could even improve your game!


Whilst this advantage might be fairly obvious it does need to be stressed that the average golfer would benefit greatly from this as a clone club will provide all the performance you require whilst enabling you to buy a complete set of golf irons, putters, wedges, and drivers.

The low price point also means that replacing golf clubs is relatively inexpensive making clones a sought-after product.


A big selling point with clones is the ability to tailor each club to your specific needs. You can choose customizations on clones such as the shaft material, shaft length, stiffness, club orientation, club head, grip, color, and more.

This can help golfers get the most out of their experience and make a big difference in gameplay. Custom clubs can be of great assistance to players who might have unique circumstances that require special types of clubs that big-name brands do not offer.


Clone clubs offer a brilliant performance vs cost alternative to name brands. They can provide the average player with all the key features and benefits they are looking for and each club is designed to provide golfers with the closest comparative product to a brand club.

While low handicap golfers or pros might notice the slight variation in the feel and performance of clones. Your average player will be hard-pressed to notice the difference at all and can have complete confidence in their clones’ ability to perform on the course.

The Top 10 Clone Golf Clubs

Pinemeadow Clone Golf Clubs - Best overall

1. Pinemeadow – Best Overall

The Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid set is currently one of the best clone golf club sets on the market. Clubs come as a full Hybrid set of irons 3-PW.

These clones come in a striking design that screams quality and are made using the latest golf technology and materials.

Key features:

  • Built with your choice of low-torque Pinemeadow Hybrid Graphite or stainless steel shafts
  • Lightweight (graphite)
  • Comes with a regular flex shaft
  • Includes covers for heads
  • Stainless steel head on club
  • A bigger sweet spot to make the club more forgiving
  • Right-handed set

Callaway Strata

2. Callaway – Runner-up

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Set covers all bases from playability to durability. Built for ultimate distance and ultimate performance.

Included with the set are a bag and durable head covers to keep your clubs protected. Callaway is known for manufacturing some of the best clone golf clubs.

The strata complete set comes in a variety of sizes and variants, ranging from a regular 12-piece set to a stiff 16-piece tour set and can be selected in blue or red to suit your needs. This complete set includes a driver, 3 wood, 4 & 5 hybrid clubs, 6 through 9 irons, PW, SW, and a putter.

Key features:

  • Choice of left or right golf clubs
  • Steel shaft construction to aid in ball control
  • Aluminum construction
  • 3 & 5 wood come with a titanium head with a big sweet spot for long drives with good launch and forgiveness
  • Irons and wedges are designed with specific high flight technology to maximize ball distance
  • The putter features precision milling that enhances precision and distance control

Diamond Tour Pitching Wedge

3. Diamond Tour

The DTG Felon Rip Groove PW from Diamond Tour is making waves as a real top prospect choice when it comes to clone golf clubs.

Featuring an eye-catching design in sleek matt black with top engineering technology in the club construction it’s a top pick when looking to up your ball control and playability from difficult positions on the course.

Key features:

  • Steel
  • 48-degree Pitching Wedge
  • Stiff flex for faster swing speed
  • Right-handed
  • Grooved head for precision

Lazrus Wedge Set

4. Lazrus

Lazrus Premium Forged Wedge Set for Men includes 3 wedges and is a premium choice for golfers looking to get a product that is manufactured in the same facility as some top names and costs 3/4 less. Buy pro products for a fraction of the cost!

Key features:

  • Left or right club direction
  • Micro milled face for increased ball spin
  • Alloyed steel
  • Risk-free purchase as you are welcome to return the clone clubs if you are not satisfied

Majek Golf Head Covers

5. Majek

Majek Hybrid golf head covers for 3 wood, iron set 4-9, PW & SW. Protect the golf set you love with these minimalistic and stylish covers.

Key features:

  • Fits most hybrids
  • Simple to take off or put on
  • Breathable and stretchy material
  • Made using neoprene acrylic

Precise Complete Package

6. Precise

The M3 Men’s Complete Golf Club Set comes fully equipped with a driver, fairway, hybrid, irons 6-9, a PW, and a putter. A Stand bag is included with head covers and a rain hood.

Key features:

  • Available in different length clubs for petite or tall golfers
  • Woods and Irons have been designed for maximum forgiveness for less slice and straighter shots
  • Regular flex
  • Orientation to right-hand players

Aspire Ladies Clubs

7. Aspire

X1 Aspire Ladies’ complete right-hander set in cherry pink boasts a collection of top quality clone with includes a titanium driver, fairway, stainless steel hybrid, stainless steel irons 6-PW, putter, a stand bag, and 3 covers.

Key features:

  • Constructed out of stainless steel and graphite
  • 460 cc titanium driver with stainless steel irons and woods
  • Super light feel from graphite construction
  • Ladies non-slip grip on all golf clubs

Tour Edge

8. Tour Edge

Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro Fairway Wood for right-handers. 3 Wood is designed to get you further down the fairway.

Key features:

  • Combo brazing on the cup gives maximum face flex at the moment of impact for big distance gains even on miss-hits
  • The forward center of gravity creates less spin and deeper ball penetration
  • Adjustable sole allows for fine-tuning your swing shape
  • Sound diffusers placed inside for a great feel and sound reproduction

9. Autopilot

C3i Premium Sand and Lob Wedge for men and women. Created for high loft strokes that make escaping tricky situations easier.

Key features:

  • Orientation can be left or right
  • Clone clubs fitted with extra-wide sole makes for an easy glide and fantastic lift
  • Comes in 55, 59, and 65-degree options
  • Easy to swing with no skipping or digging when playing golf on sand

10. iDrive Hybrids

Hybrid Men’s Senior Golf Complete Set Senior Flex with a premium arthritic grip. The clone set comes with 3 wood, 4-9 irons, and a PW.

Key features:

  • Right-hand utility
  • Black graphite construction for a light feel and easy swing
  • Great ball loft and less slice
  • Choice of arthritic grip replacement or regular black pro velvet
  • Clubs come in men’s standard length


What are the best clone golf clubs?

This is always a tricky question to answer as there are slightly better choices for each player depending on what you are looking for.

For the best clone golf clubs, overall Pinemeadow takes the cake with Callaway in a close second.

Lazrus is a top pick when it comes to choosing an alternative clone club, a company such as iDrive takes care of the golfing needs of more senior players and if you are a taller/shorter player Precise could be the option to choose as they create different length clubs.

Are clone golf clubs legal?

Clones are completely legal. They are created to look and perform similar to their brand name counterparts and reputable manufacturers will not infringe on any patents or copywrites of a name brand clubs.

There would be a question of legality if a company was marketing clones as a name-brand club such as TaylorMade or Ping. This would not be accepted as they would be providing customers with fake products and this is not legal. These brands aim to deceive you and their clubs are known as knock-off clubs and not clones. These products are often of poor quality and do not provide a good experience.

Clone golf clubs do follow similar design principles, aesthetics, technology, and ideas with big brands but do not try to use the marketing efforts and brand awareness of another company to bring products to the market. Clone companies use their brand image and awareness to sell their equipment.

Why do knock-off golf clubs cost less than name-brand clubs?

Knock-off clubs are counterfeit and something to be wary of. If a deal seems too good to be true then it most likely is. These clubs are a complete waste of time and should be avoided at all costs. Not to be confused with clone clubs which are quality and can perform extremely well.

A knock-off golf club can be very cheap and of poor quality. There can often be a complete lack of any quality materials present, the feel is completely cheap, the performance is lackluster, little to no durability and it will most probably break sooner than intended.

Sometimes, these are built to trick the customer into the purchase by pretending to be a top-tier club manufacturer such as TaylorMade – so you should always keep an eye out!

Big brands put a lot of money into research and development, sponsorship, endorsements, and marketing which all cost a lot of money. This publicity they get enables them to charge a premium for the quality and privilege of sporting their brand. There is a certain status that comes with owning the same golf club as pros and top players.

Who are clone clubs good for?

Clone clubs are a great fit for newer golfers and golfers who take a more casual approach to the course and are looking for the best clone golf clubs that they can afford.

Often higher handicap players to mid-range handicap players will benefit the most from these clubs as they will provide a range of desirable attributes and features that make them both affordable and fantastic to use.

These clubs are an excellent choice for certain golfers who need tailor-made clubs that regular big-name companies cannot provide.

Players in the lower handicap range and pros will benefit little to nothing from these clone golf clubs as they play often enough to need and want the advantage that top-tier brands provide.

The superior build quality and materials used to make top clubs are designed to pinpoint accuracy with a fantastic balance of attributes, that clones can come close to but simply can’t quite match.

Factors such as the swing speed of better players will mean that clone shafts are too flexible for them and the overall feel of the club will be sub-par in comparison.