The 10 Best Putting Aids

The 10 Best Putting Aids

Nearly all golfers, especially beginners, find putting a troubling stage in their golf game. It’s the area of golf that is most important but doesn’t receive enough practice as it should because, as we all know, everyone prefers hitting balls with as much pace as possible on the driving range.

For those who want to make drastic changes to their golf end game, there are the best putting aids available to help them develop and improve. Perfection comes with practice; that is why you need to choose the best putting aids that will help the areas of your game that are struggling.

With so many options on the market, it is sometimes hard to know which putting training aids are the best putting aids for you. With our guide, we are going to show you some of the best golf putting aids available, turning beginners into PGA pros.

What is the purpose of a putting aid?

The purpose of a putting aid is to do exactly that, better your putting. The most significant area of the entire game of golf and can also be one of the hardest areas to master. It takes more skill and precision to navigate the ball into the hole, so your swing has to be aligned perfectly to follow the contours of the green.

With a putting aid, you can work on certain areas of your putting game and focus on the places you need the most practice. Putting aids come in all shapes and sizes and focus in different areas such as distance control, target impact training, improved speed control, and even the feel received from your club.

What are the benefits of using putting training aids?

The best putting aids are there to help golfers improve their putt on the course. The main objective of golf is to get the ball in the hole, and unless you earn to putt well, you will struggle and lose enjoyment with the game. Putting is a challenge, and even some of the best professionals struggle on the putting green.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a golfer place a ball with keen precision and accuracy into the hole. The only thing better than watching it is perhaps performing these putts yourself, and with a golf training aid, you can gain all the skills to improve in the final stages of your game. There are a lot of training aids available, and no one is the same. Find out what areas of your putting game you need to develop and find a tool to help you in this area.

The Top 10 Putting Aids

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

1. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer – Best Overall

The PuttOUT pressure putt trainer and other training products have been developed in London, Great Britain, by designer Martin Riddiford. The PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer has been scientifically shaped to dismiss poor putts and return the ball of good ones, meaning you have to work harder retrieving your ball if you’re performing under par.

The enhanced training that comes with the PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer allows you to increase your pace and aim with the expressed illustrative curve that will hold a perfect putt, return a good putt, and reject a missed putt. With the PuttOUT pressure putt training aids, you receive an instant response in your golf putting.

Key features:

  • Designed to simulate the exact conditions you would face in a real putting situation with the parabolic curved design.
  • Successful putts are returned at the same distance they would travel if they had missed the hole, great for knowing the kind of pace expected from your shot.
  • Returns good putts but rejects bad ones.
  • Fits perfectly into your golf bag from the convenient sizing. Durable design made from high-quality materials
  • Repetitive practice will help to build muscle memory and improve your golf game in the final stages, where it really counts.

EyeLine Golf Classic Putting Alignment Mirror

2. EyeLine Golf Classic Putting Alignment Mirror – Runner-up

The Eyeline Golf Classic Putting Alignment Mirror is a small mirror that gives you better viewing when trying to configure and review your putting on the green. A small mirror is handy conveniently placed into your golf bag and utilized when needed as a training aid.

Key features:

  • Great for checking the setup that is on the green
  • Extremely portable
  • Create confidence when putting on the green
  • Gate drill compatible with featured slots
  • Create the perfect alignment between the ball and the target.

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate

3. PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate

The PuttOUT Putting Mirror is a putting alignment mirror with a difference. Featuring a steel inner plate and a spiked-based rubber surround to hold the mirror in place. Through repetition of use, this PuttOUT putting aid offers improved skills.

Key features:

  • The PuttOUT Mirror lets you improve your positioning and alignment when putting.
  • Set widths and test alignment while addressing your putting posture
  • Convenient size fits in your golf bag with no problems
  • Durable rubber casing removes the need for tees to hold the putting mirror.

Pelz Golf Putting Tutor

4. Pelz Golf Putting Tutor

To improve your putting, a great option as a training aid is the Pelz putting tutor. With this putting golf training aid, you can enhance your green reading skills taking the mystery of why you’re missing putts away.

Key features:

  • Teaches putting online
  • Improves your overall reading of the green
  • It helps to improve your stroke mechanics
  • Identifies the square putts you strike and begin to roll on-line.

The Navigator Putting Aid

5. The Navigator Putting Aid

The navigator putting aid is a great way to receive instant feedback to ensure your putting stroke is accurate with a straight path and has a square impact on the club. Quickly attach to your putter, creating the ideal placement when you’re putting. The alignment rod that features on this putting tutor will show you if you’re swinging straight or not. Using the navigator putting aid and watch your putting game improve with drastic results.

Key features:

  • Attaches to your putter quickly and easily
  • See drastic improvements in your putting game
  • With alignment marks, your putting stroke will become perfectly accurate.

Eye Putt Pro Golf Training Aid

6. Eye Putt Pro Golf Training Aid

With the Eye Putt Pro Golf training aid, you can significantly improve the positioning and alignment fundamentals of consistency PGA tour professionals use. The Eye Putt Pro uses two repeatable stamina memory areas, the putter level and the notice over the golf ball from your eyes.

Key features:

  • Receive visual feedback instantly
  • Creates better posture with eyes directly over the golf ball
  • Precise putter levels taught
  • Promotes confidence in repetition and muscle memory growth.
  • Instant attachment to any putter.

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

7. PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

The PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat has been made with durable materials on top of a heavy rubber backing that lets the mat lay flat no matter the surface it is on. The putting mat features target levels, distance markings, and alignment tutoring marks that will allow you to train and improve with just a putter and a ball.

Key features:

  • The home putting stroke golf training aid is essential for all golfers, no matter the level.
  • Durable construction gives you the same flat surface no matter where your putting aid is placed.
  • Roll away, putting mat folds away for compact, convenient storage.
  • Includes a storage bag for extra protection when putting mat is not in use.
  • The PuttOUT putting mat has been designed to replicate a medium-to-fast green.

Mark-Tech Rechargeable Red Laser Putter Golf Training Aid

8. Mark-Tech Rechargeable Red Laser Putter Golf Training Aid

The Mark-Tech Rechargeable Red Laser Putter Pro is a training aid designed for indoor use. It will easily attach to your putter and produce an alignment guide on the ground in front of you between your putter and the hole. With this line, you can develop accurate putting in a consistent way, improving your putting stroke in a great way. The laser putter pro can be used with or without a ball, giving you more ways to practice. With every purchase, the recharging cable comes included.

Key features:

  • Attaches to any putter quickly and easily
  • Great for indoor use if you can’t always make it to the practice green
  • Produce more consistent strokes
  • Develop swing and path accuracy

GoSports Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

9. GoSports Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

The GoSports Golf Putting Alignment mirror is a putting mirror with a difference. Hold it in place with golf tees, then use the putting mirror to align your ball properly and also align your club. The reflective surface of this putting mirror develops your eyes over the ball and how your shoulders should be positioned over the ball. The alignment guides enable you to hit your putter face square with the ball precisely. Tees inserted into the front of the putting mirror help with the gate drill, while tees inserted into the back are great to develop backswing control.

Key features:

  • Develop better eye alignment
  • Develop shoulder placement over the ball
  • Helps to perfect backswing control and gate drill
  • The alignment guide will ensure you have a straight back and square putter face impact

BreakMaster Digital Golf Putting Green Reader

10. BreakMaster Digital Golf Putting Green Reader

The BreakMaster Digital Golf Putting Reader is an electrical green-reading device that can locate the contours, downhill direction, and angle of the slope, providing you with all the information needed to swing more accurate putts. Featuring an LCD screen, this electrical device is improving amateur and professional players alike. One of the main difficulties of perfecting a putting stroke is reading the green regarding the kind of speed and curve you need to place on your ball with your swing. That is where the BreakMaster Comes in and excels.

Key features:

  • Reads the slope degree
  • It helps you learn to read the green
  • Improved ball control and speed

Buying Guide


Practicality is key. The kind of places and environment that you’re practicing with your putting training aid should be achievable. You need to know how to use your aid to its full capabilities, too; that way, it will become the best putting training tool for you. Do your research before making a purchase, and you will surely get the best putting aid for your needs.


The design of your training aid is also very important. There are lots of choices to decide from, but the key to a good putting aid is simplicity. Try to choose a golf putting training aid that is adjustable to the kind of exercises you want to do and that does these exercises well!

Design is another important feature that matters to buy putting aids. You can have choices. But remember one thing that “the simpler, the better.” So try to have a suitable one that will be adjustable to your choice and exercise as well. 


If you are buying a putting aid, durability is key. To remain on top of your game, you want your putting training aids to perform, again and again, giving you that key edge on the golf course. Durability should be one of the main factors you worry about when purchasing the best putting aids available.


What is the best putting training aid?

The best putting training aids are from PuttOUT, especially the PuttOUT pressure putt trainer. This trainer adapts to the kind of putting stroke it receives, with bad strokes being rejected, good strokes being returned and perfect strokes held by the putting tutor.

The PuttOUT simulates the exact conditions you would find out on the course with a real hole. The parabolic design is ground-breaking in the putting golf training world. With this putting practice device, you will build better muscle memory to improve your putting green performances.

How can I improve my putting?

Improving your putting can be done in many different ways, and to become a better putter means that you have to put in the work to build the muscle memory that will keep your putts precise and accurate. Some practice is easier than others, but if you want to improve this area of your game, it’s well worth the effort.

The key thing is repetition. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and when it comes to putting, this really counts. Training aids are great if you can’t make it to the putting green, with mats featuring targets and lines that will keep your swing as straight as possible.

How much do the golf putting aids cost?

Putting aids come in a range of prices that can suit all budgets. Smaller items such as a putting alignment mirror will give a better posture when you’re putting, providing instant feedback that can be altered and modified for the best putting practice.

More expensive items such as golf hole pressure putters give you a chance of experiencing a true golf hole feeling without going to the course. These are more expensive but can be crucial to improve your game if you can’t always make it down to your local golf course or training facility.