Best Golf Coolers: Top 9 Reviews & Buying Guide (2021)

9 Best Golf Coolers

Golf is one of the most amusing and fun activities that you can enjoy with your buddies. However, if you want to maximize your performance and stay sharp throughout the course, you need to have some refreshment breaks every now and then.

The best way to enjoy your favorite drinks while golfing is by using a golf cooler. So if you’re looking for the best golf coolers to buy, you’re in for a treat!

Today, we’ll provide you with reviews of the best options the market has to offer as well as a complete guide to help you pick the ideal one for your needs. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 9 Golf Coolers Available on the Market

Callaway Golf Cart Cooler

1. Callaway Golf Cart Cooler

Kicking off the list with one of the overall best golf coolers out there if you prefer golf car coolers. The Callaway golf cart cool is made of nylon, which is known for its durability and will help the cooler stand the test of time.

The interior of the golf cooler is insulated welded liner sheets that guarantee excellent performance in hot conditions as well as excellent resistance against leaking.

The design of the bag makes it collapsible to as little as 3 inches, so you can store it just about anywhere when not in use.

The top of the bag has a velcro opening that makes it easy to reach for the bag’s contents, which is capable of carrying up to 12 standard cans or 9 bottles!

The bag fits in most baskets of golf carts for easy transportation. Additionally, the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for added portability.


  • Durable construction and insulated welded liner for an unmatched insulation
  • Collapsible design that is very easy to move around
  • Features an adjustable shoulder strap


  • The velcro opening is great for easy access but not equally great for leak resistance when the ice melts.

AROUY Golf Cooler Bag

2. AROUY Golf Cooler Bag

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a golf cooler that will get the job done while staying compact and covert, you should consider this one from AROUY.

What we like about this cooler is that it comes at a fraction of what other options may cost you. Yet, it can still hold up six 12 ounce cans without bulking up. The sleek design of the bag allows you to put them inside larger bags.

The bag is made of 600 Denier Oxford Polyester, which is relatively durable and won’t tear up easily. The liner of the bag does a pretty decent job at keeping your beverages cool for up to several hours.

The only drawback about this bag is that the liner may leak with time, so you should avoid using ice with this one. Moreover, the zippers are a bit flimsy and will break if you use them with some intensity.


  • Ideal for buyers on a strict budget
  • Sleek design that can fit inside larger bags
  • Fits multiple cans


  • The zipper is a bit flimsy

ProActive Sports 6 To Go Golf Cooler

3. ProActive Sports 6 To Go Golf Cooler

The ProActive sports 6 to go is another popular option that many gloves go for due to the ample space it can offer.

The bag is made of a dense polyester exterior that is fairly durable and holds up pretty well. The interior of the golf cooler is spacious and allows you to up to 6 large-sized cans or 3 bottles of your favorite beverage.

The cooler comes with both a carrying handle and a shoulder strap, which allows you to either carry it or hang it to the cart without taking up extra storage space.

We also like that the affordable beverage cooler comes in 3 different color options, so you can easily match your golfing set and keep the cooler low profile.


  • Highly efficient at resisting leaks
  • Spacious interior that holds up to 3 bottles
  • Available in different colors


  • The tight fit makes it difficult to add extra ice

6ixPack Golf Cooler Bag

4. 6ixPack Golf Cooler Bag

The 6ixPack golf cooler bag is also a great option for those who don’t like to pack heavy. The back is remarkably easy to carry and comes with a detachable shoulder strap. This feature allows you to save as much space as you can.

Despite its compact design, the cooler bag is still capable of holding up to 6 standard-size cans or 4 tall cans.

Thanks to the cool design of the cooler, you can easily fit it into your golf bag’s side pockets for added convenience and discretion.

The cooler has a thick wall that is made of closed cell foam, which enables the bag to keep the beverages cool for a fair amount of time.


  • Comes at a decent price for its quality
  • Lined with closed cell foam
  • Versatile design that fits inside golf bags


  • The insulation capacity of the bag is relatively low

Caddyswag Par 6 Golf Cooler

5. Caddyswag Par 6 Golf Cooler

The Caddyswag Par 6 is an excellent bag-style golf cooler that works great for personal use. The cooler is well-designed with durable polyester and PU construction that resists wear and tear quite easily.

What we like about this cooler is that it’s highly versatile, which makes it a great option for an active person who enjoys various activities besides golf. The sleek bag is capable of holding 6 cans of standard size or 4 16 ounces cans!

Another feature that makes the Caddyswag stand out among other bag-style coolers is that it comes with a reusable gel pack that will keep your beverages cool for much longer without melting and causing messy leaks!


  • Reinforced zipper to prevent breaking with time
  • Comes with a bonus gel pack that keeps the drinks cool for longer
  • Thick closed cell foam insulation


  • The cooler is not waterproof, so you can’t use ice instead of the gel pack

Intech USA Cooler Golf Cooler

6. Intech USA Cooler Golf Cooler

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for the buck, you should consider the Intech USA cooler bag. What we like about this one is that it has a large storage space that allows it to hold up to 10 cans of standard size.

In addition to the main cooling compartment, the bag also comes with two extra zippered pockets on the sides as well as a front one to store valuables, such as the wallet, keys, and phone.

Additionally, the bag comes with mesh pockets on both sides that you can use as an additional water bottle holder. The portable bag is quite small and you can easily clip it to a golf cart.


  • Comes with extra zippered pockets for additional storage
  • Equipped with mesh pockets for water bottles
  • Comes in two designs


  • Leaks with time

Clicgear Golf Cooler Bag

7. Clicgear Golf Cooler Bag

The Clicgear is another fan-favorite that many golfers praise for its ability to keep your refreshments ice-cold for extended periods of time!

The cooler bag is specifically designed so that you can hook them on three-wheel push carts of models 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. That’s why it doesn’t come with a carrying handle or shoulder strap.

The interior is designed to hold up to 6 cans of your favorite canned beverage in addition to extra space to store sandwiches and snacks.

Moreover, it comes with a top mesh pocket that allows you to add ice packs to keep the beverage chilled for longer.


  • Ideal for attaching the cooler to your push cart
  • Compatible with different types of push carts
  • Offers extra room for snacks and sandwiches


  • Lacks a shoulder strap or a carrying handle

Arctic Zone Titan DeepFreeze Cooler

8. Arctic Zone Titan DeepFreeze Cooler

If you don’t mind taking a box-style cooler along, this one should get the job done without being too bulky or heavy.

The Arctic Zone Titan is a hardbody cooler with a zipperless design, which solves the problem of flimsy zippers altogether. Instead, it has a “flip open” design that is patented by the manufacturer.

This cooler is an excellent choice for those who prefer adding a lot of ice to their cooler in order to keep their drinks chilled all day long. The cooler has a leak-proof design that keeps all your other golfing accessories dry.

The bag is also waterproof and stain-resistant, which makes it a breeze to clean and wipe without scrubbing or using detergents.

Not only that, but the Titan Deep Freeze cooler also comes in various sizes that are capable of carrying anywhere between 9 to 48 cans


  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Features a patented zipperless design that extends the cooler’s life
  • Equipped with quality features, such as straps, front pockets, and mesh side pockets


  • A bit bulky for some golfers who already pack a lot of clubs

BevPod Cooler Bag

9. BevPod Cooler Bag

Last but not least, if your favorite golf course has strict rules about golf coolers, this ultra-slim cooler from BevPod should be your way to go!

This compact cooler bag can fit inside golf bags and come in a low-profile design. However, it’s still capable of carrying anywhere between 6 to 10 cans depending on their size.

The stylish bag’s only drawback is that it can only keep the beverages chilled for a few hours. However, you can always extend this time by adding an extra frozen gel pack that you can buy separately.


  • Remarkably compact and can fit in other bags
  • Can hold up to 10 cans
  • Versatile and easy to pack


  • Requires an extra gel pack to keep beverages cool for longer

Golf Cooler Bag

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Golf Cooler Bag?

Whether you’re a beginner who only plays golf on the weekend or an advanced golf player who is serious about the sport, having a golf cooler bag comes with a lot of instant perks and benefits.

In this section, we’ll have a quick look at some of those benefits:

Allows You to Enjoy On-Spot Hydration

While playing golf on a hot and sunny day, it’s essential to get proper hydration in order to keep playing in top conditions.

According to a study on the effect of dehydration on golf performance, even a mild level of dehydration (as little as 1% or 2% of body mass) can significantly impair your motor abilities.

In other words, being dehydrated while playing golf can impact anything from your accuracy, playing technique, hit distance, and more!

The main function of any cooler bag, whether it’s specifically designed for golf courses or others, is to keep the contents of the bag chilled and insulated for as long as possible.

This way, you’ll be able to instantly reach out to the bag whenever you want to replenish your energy or cool yourself down with your favorite beverage.

Alternative Solution for Recent Restrictions

As a social game that a lot of people play with friends, you might want to enjoy a couple of beers while playing the game.

However, in recent years, more and more regulations are put in action to prevent in-house restaurants from serving alcoholic beverages in golf clubs. In that situation, the only way to savor a cold one with your buddies is to bring them along.

Golf coolers come in a variety of designs and types. This allows you to pack anywhere from a couple of cans to tens of cans. They’re also stylish, covert, and some of them match your golf sets for the perfect camouflage!

Saves You a Lot of Money in the Long Run

A lot of golf courses rely heavily on extra purchases from in-house restaurants and clubs. For instance, they’re well aware of the sunny conditions of golf courses and how dehydrated players can be.

Some clubs use that for their advantage by jacking up the price beyond the acceptable range! This leaves you with the reasonable option of bringing your own beverages along.

Moreover, having a golf cooler allows you to pack your favorite cocktails and other special juices that may not be available on the golf course’s menu!

Keeps Your Favorite Beverages Cold

In addition to being covert and compact, golf coolers are designed to withstand being left in the sun for extended periods of time.

Most of these coolers come with high-end insulation as well as extra cooling pouches and gels that will guarantee that your drinks will stay cold and refreshing for as long as you’re playing!

Golf Cooler Bag

What Kind of Cooler Bag Should You Buy for Golfing?

One thing you need to know about golf cooler bags is that they’re not all the same. In fact, there are a few different types of cooler bags out there that will suit various needs for different types of golfers.

Here’s a quick look at some of the golf-friendly cooling bags that you may stumble across in the market:

1. Built-in Golf Bag Cooler

The first type of golf bag coolers that you might come across is typically incorporated into the golf bag itself that holds all your golf clubs and equipment, hence the name. This option is quite a decent one if you don’t like hauling several bags everywhere.

The bag is typically small, compact, and easy to remove with an option to discard the water due to melted ice. In addition to convenience, this option has the major advantage of being extremely covert and subtle.

However, it still has some drawbacks. For example, the bag will become quite bulky, which makes the loading process into your car a little difficult, especially if the vehicle’s trunk is small or already filled with other things.

The option is suitable for those who play golf in small groups due to the bag’s limited capacity.

2. Add-on Golf Cooler Bag

As the name suggests, the add-on golf cooler bag is usually a separate cooler that is built as a detached golf bag that you can carry separately using a shoulder strap.

Since the bag isn’t limited to the size of the golf bag itself, you can adjust the bag’s size to be of any size you want! This gives this kind of bag a lot of versatility when compared to built-in ones.

For example, a golfer can use these bags as coolers on a variety of occasions and not only while golfing, which is not a practical option in built-in golf coolers.

Additionally, golf bags that contain a built-in cooler are usually bulkier and much more expensive than the standard one. In other words, you won’t have to buy a brand new bag and leave your old one in the garage collecting dust.

Moreover, add-on bags usually have thicker walls, which translates to improved performance in terms of insulation.

This type is suitable for those who already have a golf bag and don’t want to replace it with a new one with a built-in cooler.

3. Golf Cart Cooler

Both of the previous options are fairly small, as they only allow you to hold a maximum of 8 or 9 cans of beer or other beverages at a time. This makes them suitable for relatively small groups only.

If you want to carry more cans without being burdened with the weight of the cooler, this option should be your best bet. Golf cart coolers are designed so that they fit into the basket of your golf cart.

This way, you still don’t have to worry about the extra weight, all the while holding anywhere between 12 to 18 standard-sized cans.

These golf cooler bags are designed for fitting into the basket of golf carts. The best thing about them is the maximum storage space. So bring in those 12-18 cans of beer for yourself and your golfing buddies.

The main drawback of these bags is that they have minimal insulation capacity due to their flexible nature.

4. Standard Cooler

In addition to all golf-related cooler bags, you can still bring a standard cooler on board. Using a standard cooler for the task has some obvious perks.

For starters, most of us already own one, so it’ll save you the trouble of choosing and paying for a new one.

Additionally, they have excellent insulation capacity because they’re specifically built for this task. Moreover, they typically have the largest holding capacity of all coolers, especially the large-sized ones.

Despite all these merits, they still have some major drawbacks. For example, they’re quite easy to spot, and some managements may not allow them on the course.

Even if they’re allowed, these coolers are usually bulky and heavy. This makes them difficult to fit into golf cards or even move around.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for a Golf Cooler

The type of golf cooler is quite essential, but it’s not the only thing you should take into consideration while buying a golf cooler.

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most essential aspects that you should keep an eye for if you want to make the most out of your investment:

Materials and Durability

One of the most essential aspects that will have a huge impact on the cooler’s performance and quality is its materials.

Since there are various types of golf coolers, the materials will also vary. For example, a golf cooler is typically made of soft fabrics, but can also be made of hard plastics.

The most commonly used material while making a golf cooler’s exterior is polyester and nylon. Polyester is typically more affordable but nylon scores much higher at resisting signs of wear over time.

Additionally, canvas and high-weave oxford fabrics are sometimes used in making coolers but to a much lesser extent.

The interior of the cooler depends on the insulating mechanism, which is typically made of nylon with a polyurethane coating for further heat insulation and waterproofing.

Total Capacity

Of course, the larger the golf cooler, the more cans and beverages it will be able to hold. As a rule of thumb, a bag that holds anywhere between 8 to 12 cans will typically last you for 3 to 4 rounds.

You should also keep in mind that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better in most cases. A larger bag will only end up being an extra burden if you don’t consume the beverages over the time you’re playing.

Insulation and Cooling

The main point of buying a golf cooler is to keep drinks cool for as long as possible since you’ll be under the heat of the sun for several hours. For that reason, the bag must have all the means to keep the heat off for the time being.

Ideally, the more insulation the bag has, the more likely it is for it to be a little expensive. However, you don’t need one of those coolers that can keep your refreshments chilled for several days.

Instead, aim for the ones that will keep the beverages cold for 6 to 8 hours. This should be enough for your ride to the course as well as the time you’re going to spend there.

Keep in mind that the hotter it gets where you live, the more insulation your cooler will need. For example, those who live in hotter climates in the south will need thick foam as well as frozen gel packs or additional ice to stay cool for the needed time.

Overall Weight & Portability

Like all types of coolers, a golf bag also needs to be easily portable, as you still need to carry your original bag and other golf accessories. Technically speaking, a golf cooler that has excellent insulation and capacity is no use if you can’t move it around with you.

For starters, make sure that the golf cooler isn’t too heavy on its own and won’t weigh you down heavily while you’re on the course.

The portability of the bag isn’t about the overall weight only. In addition to that, make sure that the bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps that keep your hands free or carry handles to make it easier to move things around.

Discretion and Convenience

As previously mentioned, many golf courses have set several rules that restrict the use of coolers on the course, mostly to increase their profits through purchases from their in-house restaurant. Even worse, some courses will only let you rent their coolers on the course.

If your golf cooler is too obvious or flashy, you might find it difficult to enjoy your favorite beverages and stay hydrated while playing.

BogeyPro Golf Covert Cooler Shoe Bag

For that reason, bags like BogeyPro Golf Covert Cooler Shoe Bag will work as a funny gift but won’t be a convenient option if you play on a golf course where coolers aren’t welcomed.


One of the main reasons why you’re buying a cooler in the first place is because they can save you money in the long run.

That’s why you always need to keep an eye on the price of the bag you’re going to buy and set a budget that depends on several factors, including:

  • The quality of the bag as well as the efficiency of insulation
  • The amount of money that this cooler will save you when you bring your own drinks from home
  • The versatility of the bag and other (non-golf related) situations where you can still use it.


Do You Need to Add Ice for the Golf Cooler to Work?

The main difference between ice boxes and coolers is that you don’t need to use any cooling source, such as some ice or a gel pack to keep your beverages chilled.

Of course, using ice will help them stay cool for longer. However, it also takes up some of the internal space, which limits the space left for beverages.

Is a Golf Cooler the Same as Traditional Cooler Bags?

This depends on the type of golf cooler in question. Some golf coolers, such as built-in and add-on, and golf cart coolers have a completely different design that is more discrete and convenient on the course than traditional coolers.

How Long Can a Golf Cooler Keep Your Beverages Cold?

Although this may vary from one product to the other, most golf coolers are designed to keep the beverages cooler for at least 5 to 6 hours.

Some premium options may keep your refreshments cold for up to 12 hours. However, this can be quite unnecessary or overpriced.

Is It Legal to Bring Your Own Golf Cooler into Public Golf Courses?

Bringing golf coolers might be disallowed in some golf courses. However, the answer here relies on various factors, including the state you’re in, the specific regulations of the golf course you go to, and the type of beverages you have inside.

Wrap Up

There you have it! A complete guide that walks you through all the information you need and reviews of the best golf coolers out there, so you can land the ideal one for your needs!

As you can see, there’s a huge variety of options on the market that have different design features to suit all kinds of needs.

If you’re unsure about which is the most suitable for you, we recommend that you go for the Callaway Golf Cart Cooler.

This one is specifically designed to withstand the heat of the sun and is capable of holding up to 12 standard-size cans or 9 bottles. The bag is also incredibly durable, covert, and collapsible, thanks to its nylon construction!

However, if you’re on a tight budget and want to enjoy a cold one on the golf course without costing you a lot of money, you should consider the AROUY Golf Cooler Bag.

This ultra-slim bag is decently insulated and holds up to 6 cans without taking up any remarkable space among your golf accessories!